Volunteer Q&A

Q. I would love to help but cannot stand for any long periods of time. Can I still volunteer?

A. Absolutely! We can often use help in our office.  Many days there are other jobs that we would appreciate help with, such as; sending Thank You cards, organizing office clutter and filing HELP closet agreements. No prior experience necessary.

Q. My Girl Scout Troop wants to volunteer as a group. Do you ever have projects that can be done after your office hours?

A. That is a possibility, and the event must be planned out at least a month in advance. Jobs may include; assembling print materials for mailing, doing seasonal group projects, (like spring clean-up of our grounds or working in our garden) or assisting our HELP closet with restocking. Please contact our office to schedule your group, or for more information.

Q.  I’m quite a handyman and, since retirement, would love to find something to occupy a few hours each week.  What options do you have for me?

A.  That is something we seem to always need!  Often we receive donations of medical equipment that need minor repair, or items we use regularly in our warehouse need the same.  We welcome any hours you are able to give us.

Q.  I enjoy volunteering and really like to commit to a specific schedule each week/month.  Do you have a need for me at Good News Project?

A.  Absolutely.  Our ever growing Health Equipment Lending Program may work for you.  Our lending program is open Monday through Friday, and as we have grown, we need help to keep us organized. Additionally, if you are able to handle lifting televisions and computer equipment, please consider helping on Fridays.

Q.  I occasionally find myself with an hour or two during the week, unplanned.  Can I just drop in and see if you have anything I can help with?

A.  For sure.  Things change seasonally in our offices and small volunteer tasks often come up.  You are welcome to stop in to see opportunities exist, then decide if they are right for you.

Q.  I work during the week but would still love to help.  Do you have anything that I can assist with?

A.  Perhaps.  Twice a year we have community fundraisers where volunteer help is needed…either at the event, setting up in advance or cleaning up afterwards.  July and October are those months currently.  In addition, we occasionally have smaller projects that can be taken home and completed over a weekend, returned to us on Mondays.  Call or stop in for more information.


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Electronic Recycling
TV’s and monitors $.40/pound.
All other electronics $.40/pound.
Dehumidifiers are a flat rate of $20.

1106 5th Street, Wausau, WI
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Merrill Festival Grounds


Good News Project’s goal is to provide a safe recycling path for our community. We want to help create a green environment by implementing a responsible recycling program for obsolete and used electronics.  Thank you for choosing us…your friendliest recycler.