Volunteer Opportunities

Local ongoing volunteering

Volunteer work at Good News Project can be seasonal…

In the spring and summer we ask our volunteers to help us with our Community Scavenger Hunt, keep our gardens and yard maintained, assist with general office tasks and participate in our spring clean-up day.  In the fall volunteers can be found creating baskets for our silent auction and gathering needed props for an Evening in the Caribbean.  Winter brings volunteer needs in the form of helping us organize our travelers to the West Indies.  A few times a year we send out large mailings, and many hands are needed for folding, sealing and preparing each piece for delivery.

Volunteer work at Good News Project is also ongoing…

H.E.L.P. Closet (Health Equipment Lending Program)

Our Health Equipment Lending Program has grown to fill a showroom.  With an ongoing need in the community for loans of durable medical equipment, volunteer help is needed to facilitate this service.  Contracts need filing, customer follow-up communication calls are essential, renewals need to be processed and equipment needs to be loaded into our Aquaphase sanitizing machine.  All of this takes place in between helping customers find the appropriate items of need.  Would you be interested in helping us a couple times a month, at your schedule?  If so, call us for more information, or stop by for a tour!


Every Friday we look for volunteers to help us with customer service.  We are open for electronic recycling from 9 am – 5pm.  A 2 to 4 hour shift is always appreciated.  (Volunteers must be able to lift 50 pounds for this job!)

Have questions about volunteering locally? Visit our Volunteer Q&A page.

Community Scavenger Hunt Volunteers

Our annual Community Scavenger Hunt is an ongoing vision and will be held each summer, on a Saturday in July (July 22, 2017). This event begins at our warehouse at 1106 Fifth Street in Wausau and includes stop locations throughout the surrounding area. Volunteer time commitment for this event is approximately 5-6 hours.

Our 2016 event utilized about 20 volunteers for week of preparation and to set up, help during the event, and clean up afterwards.  We expect this number to grow for 2017. Families can work together when the parents are involved.  Couples can work together (or separate) as well as single volunteers.  T-shirts are provided for volunteers that interact with our guests.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact our office for more details or check out our Community Scavenger Hunt page.

An Evening In The Caribbean Volunteers

Support the Good News Project staff by volunteering in August, September, and October for the annual benefit dinner, An Evening In The Caribbean.  The planning and preparation stages of such a large event can be overwhelming. Our valuable volunteers help ease that burden. The day of the event, (October 28th, 2017), we need  numerous volunteers to help with set up, take down and management of booths, silent auction, and various dinner-related projects.  If you enjoy big event preparation, this may be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

Bulk Mailings

A few times each year Good News Project mails out large numbers of postal pieces.  To save on the cost, we use bulk mailing services offered by the Post Office.  But, special preparations needs to be made to qualify and groups of individuals can make ‘light work’ of it.  Volunteers are needed to apply labels, close with a seal, stuff envelopes, add inserts or just organize and count…mostly while seated at a table.  This random need usually happens in the mornings, but occasionally it will be a day-long event.  Please let us know if you want to be on our ‘call’ list.


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Electronic Recycling
TV’s and monitors $.40/pound.
All other electronics $.40/pound.
Dehumidifiers are a flat rate of $20.

1106 5th Street, Wausau, WI
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Merrill Festival Grounds


Good News Project’s goal is to provide a safe recycling path for our community. We want to help create a green environment by implementing a responsible recycling program for obsolete and used electronics.  Thank you for choosing us…your friendliest recycler.