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2018 Service Trips

To apply for a 2018 service trip to the Caribbean, please;

**Alternate method(s): Print all documents. Fill them out. Snap photos of all pages and submit them to  Your deposit and balance can be paid for using your credit card on this site (using paypal) which includes a nominal upcharge.


Good News Project will contact you via email within 10 days to acknowledge your application.  When we are confident that we have enough volunteers to field each group, we will contact you to let you know, so that you can make necessary flight arrangements.  We will provide a connection to our travel agent and encourage you to use her.  She is well versed in when each member needs to arrive on each island. 

The decision to travel will be reviewed at the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings in July and September, 2017. It is understood by all that new information about the risks of Zika and other health risks may lead to cancellation of Good News Project volunteer groups in 2018. Should that occur, you will receive a refund of your participation fees from Good News Project.  Please consult your airlines for their current cancellation policy for pre-booked flights.



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