Please note, we will be closed Monday, December 25, 2017, and Monday, January 1, 2018. 

Do you have a non-working television, one that is not cable compatible, or one that you no longer use? Have you upgraded your cell phone or computer?

If so, Good News Project will help you to dispose of them properly.

You can bring it by this Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, or any Friday!

The cost to you is $ .40 per pound for most electronics*.

“Good News is such a fantastic force of good.” Mike Bauer

All items brought to us for recycling are passed along to a trustworthy, professional recycling company in Wisconsin.  We research our recyclers extensively before choosing a company to ‘partner’ with.  Our end-recycler has proven to us that all electronics undergo a very careful de-manufacturing process in accordance to R2 and ISO 14001 standards, the same standards as the Department of Defense & the Department of Energy use.  They provide us a certificate with each shipment, proving complete and confidential destruction of sensitive equipment. Rest assured that nothing ends up in a landfill or on a barge destined for disposal elsewhere.

Items we accept at no charge;

Laptops, Tablets, SmartPhones, Cell Phones, Ink Cartridges and Ink Toner cartridges (unfortunately this does not include copy machine toner tubes).

Items we accept at a $.40 per pound charge*

Computer towers, printers, keyboards, (everything that plugs into computers – mice, speakers, etc), cords, microwave ovens, stereo equipment, GPS units, video game systems, fax machines, telephones, answering machines, vacuum cleaners, fluorescent light ballasts (no bulbs), blow dryers – just about anything with a circuit board and/or electric cord!

All sizes and types of televisions (in original housing – no picture tube exposed) and computer monitors.

*We can accept disassembled television sets or monitors (not in their original housing – or an exposed tube – see picture below) but need to charge $0.60 per pound.  These units require special handling by the collectors and end recyclers.

*We charge a flat rate of $20 for dehumidifiers.

We do not accept;

Light bulbs or batteries (accepted at Batteries Plus & Bulbs in Rib Mountain), large appliances (Yaeger Auto Salvage), smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, copy machine toner tubes, liquids, paints or chemicals.

The great news is that all revenue generated from our recycling service goes directly into our programs that help people in need.

Certain electronics are banned from Wisconsin landfills, cannot be placed in household trash bins, and must be recycled. Below is more specific information from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website:

The law bans the landfilling and incineration of several consumer electronics. These bans apply no matter where the devices are from or who used them – including households, schools, businesses, governments and institutions. Specifically, the bans include:

  • televisions
  • computers (desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet computers)
  • desktop printers (including those that scan, fax and/or copy and 3-D printers)
  • computer monitors
  • other computer accessories (including keyboards, mice, speakers, external hard drives and flash drives)
  • e-readers
  • DVD players, VCRs and other video players (i.e., DVRs)
  • fax machines
  • cell phones.
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Electronic Recycling
TV’s and monitors $.40/pound.
All other electronics $.40/pound.
Dehumidifies are a flat rate of $20.

1106 5th Street, Wausau, WI
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Merrill Festival Grounds
Friday, August 18th, 12pm – 6pm
Saturday, August 19th 9am – 12pm


Good News Project’s goal is to provide a safe recycling path for our community. We want to help create a green environment by implementing a responsible recycling program for obsolete and used electronics.  Thank you for choosing us…your friendliest recycler.