Sponsor a House

Would you like to provide a home for a family in the West Indies? Please consider sponsoring a house to be built!

Over 350 homes have been built by Good News Project volunteers in the West Indies and many have been sponsored by individuals, families or groups. Some were built as tributes or memorials, and others were simply much appreciated gifts. A gift of $4995.00 (US) will provide materials for a home to be built next year.

We’d like to build one with your name on it.

Good News Project Sponsor a House

Who makes the decision regarding who receives a house?

On each island, a committee of local community leaders meets several times during the year to evaluate requests for the houses. Our houses are only 12 by 16 feet in size, and they don’t have plumbing or wiring, but they are in great demand as each year many applications are filled out. The island housing committee reviews all the applications with preference to; single mothers with children, elderly singles/couples and families with handicapped children.  They then visit and assess their current living conditions of the applicants. They make the difficult choice of which of the many needy applicants will be given a house, verify land ownership or permission to build, and arrange for foundation work to be done before our volunteer teams arrive. We get great cooperation from our West Indian partners that volunteer with Good News Project!

What does a Good News house look like?

Before the carpenters leave to begin the start of a house project, many pieces are prepared in advance – often at the location where the volunteers reside. Trusses are assembled, walls are constructed and the first coat of painting is often done. Imagine a 12×16 wooden floor, usually up on a concrete ‘stilt’ foundation, as each Island is hilly. The four wooden walls are nailed together, with two doors and two double-hung windows. The trusses are nailed in place with great balance and coordination. A corrugated roof is laid down and touch up painting can begin. An interior wall is included for privacy and bunk beds often accompany the house.  Add a house plaque with a sponsor name and a door lock and the home is complete.


Last, but not least…

When construction is completed and all touch-ups are finished, the entire volunteer group gathers, with the family that will receive the new house, for a blessing. A few items is given to the family, a blessing is said and often the family members say a few words of thanks to the group.

Your Donation

Full house sponsorship

Full house sponsorship is $4995.00 (including a processing fee for donations made through our PayPal store). You can eliminate the processing fee by mailing a check directly to us at:
Good News Project
1106 5th Street
Wausau WI, 54403

Full House Sponsorship

Price: $4,995.00

Partial house sponsorship

Partial house sponsorship is also welcome.  We have a ‘house puzzle’ in our office with pieces depicting various increments of sponsorship – from $50 to $500.  As sponsorship money is donated, a puzzle piece is put into place, so we always know how much has been designated towards the ‘next’ house.  When the puzzle is complete, that money is set aside with the names of the donors attached, and a new house puzzle begins.

Partial House Sponsorship
Donate any dollar amount towards a house.
Your Price: $ 
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