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“We never know where our first steps will lead us and the many lives that will touch ours as we share of ourselves.  The rich tapestry of faces, heart encounters and hands joined together in solidarity with the poor and vulnerable of our society.”  ~ Sr. Marie Therese Clement O.P., St. Lucia

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General Donation

Good News Project is a 501 (c)3 organization.  Your donation is tax deductible.

As one can imagine there are ongoing expenses and ongoing projects happening throughout the year at Good News Project.  From office needs (stamps, labels, ink, and utilities) to warehouse needs, (fuel, forklift, maintenance, snowplowing) your contribution can help ease the expense.  You can trust that your donation will be stretched to do the most good.  A general tax deductible donation will allow us to decide the best fit for your dollars, according to our mission and strategic plan.

You may make your donation online through Paypal, purchase merchandise, sponsor a house or you are welcome to send a personal check to:

Good News Project 1106 5th St Wausau, WI 54403.

We will acknowledge your gift when it is received, and a formal donation letter will be mailed at the beginning of the year for previous-year donations.

Full House SponsorshipProvide a Home for a Family in the West Indies

Over 340 homes have been built by Good News volunteers in the West Indies and many homes have been sponsored by individuals, families or groups. Some were built as tributes or memorials, and others were simply much appreciated gifts. A gift of $4,600 (US) will provide materials for a home to be built in 2015. We’d like to build one with your name on it – and, we’d like to have you with us, in one of our service groups, to help build it.

Visit sponsor a house to make a donation.

Partial House Sponsorship: Join with Others to Build a House

Morgan-Puzzle-PieceWould you like to help with a house, but only a portion?  You can join a group of like minded donors and build part of a house. In our office we have a ‘house puzzle’ broken down into smaller donation amounts. As each donation is made, the puzzle pieces are added. When $4,600 is donated, accumulative, we will build another house – donated by a group of sponsors!  Please consider joining this group of donors with a donation in any increment over $50.

H.E.L.P. Closet Donation

Our Health Equipment Lending Program in central Wisconsin offers people short-term use of items such as wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, commodes, crutches and more.  There are expenses to offering this program as a service to the community.

Your generosity will allow us to repair and maintain items as needed and keep our loan closet stocked. 

Company Gift Matching

Many of our supporters, volunteers and friends choose to apply for company matching funds through their employer.  Others are able to submit volunteer hours, of which, a company will apply an hourly value and send us a check.  Ask your employer if this type of opportunity is available to you.  It is an easy way to make a BIG impact on our future.

Monthly Electronic Giving

Open your heart without opening your checkbook.  We are in the process of setting up a secure electronic monthly giving program.

Planned Giving

Contributions may be made directly to Good News Project, or through the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin.  The Foundation will assist donors interested in donating appreciated stock, or in planned giving through wills, insurance trusts, or other vehicles.

We hope that Good News Project will be serving the poor when our grandchildren are ready to share their talents!


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Good News Project’s goal is to provide a safe recycling path for our community. We want to help create a green environment by implementing a responsible recycling program for obsolete and used electronics.  Thank you for choosing us…your friendliest recycler.